Building of athletic facilities Brno, Zizkova 55

Location: Brno, Zizkova 55

Client: Matyas Lerch Grammar school
Completion: 2001 - 2002

New-building of athletic facility is situated in close proximity to Matyas Lerch Grammar school. The facility is connected with the grammar school by newly built glazed-in corridor.

The main space of the building - a large gym - is covered with a bent roof formed by glued wooden trusses. A part of this space is designed as 2-storyed with squash court in the ground floor and gymnastic hall in the first floor.

To the volume of the gym is attached a single-story block with main entrance, dressing rooms and sanitary facilities covered with flat green planted roof.

The interior is finished in special acoustic brickwork with plywood facing panels.

The exterior combines white rendering with a facing of trapezoidal slate-grey panels. Windows and glass walls are framed with wood.

A part of the contract was also the construction of an outdoor sport ground completing the whole area of the grammar school.