HEXAPLAN INTERNATIONAL is a complex architectural and engineering company with authorisation to undertake all types of project.

HEXAPLAN INTERNATIONAL'S aims are to oversee all contracts from conception to completion so ensuring a consistent and high quality outcome to all aspects of the build programme.

HEXAPLAN was founded in 1991. HEXAPLAN International followed in 1995 resulting from co-operation with foreign partners. During the previous decade, all partners had participated in project management and the management of an individual company within the Brno State Project Institute of Commerce (SPÚO) which gives the practice a total of more than 30 years invaluable experience in the design and completion of international hotels, department stores, civic buildings and technological complexes.

During this first 18 years HEXAPLAN INTERNATIONAL has completed more than 1000 projects from interiors and villa designs to the more complex shopping developments, hotel and leisure centres such as Boby Centre in Brno and the current Fenix Gallery Vysocanska and Clarion Congress Hotel Prague****.

HEXAPLAN INTERNATIONAL employs 12 permanent staff. When working on large projects, these resources are extended by incorporating other appropriate studios. We have gained our ability to provide professional services to European standards through our co-operation with foreign colleagues. This co-operation has resulted in a portfolio of foreign clients, with work for private, public and national institutions being completed.


Listed under: C 18763 by registration court in Brno
Company name: Hexaplan International Ltd.
Company Reg. No.: 60745665
Main office: Brno, Samalova 72, PC 61500, Czech Republic
Registration date: 17 March 1995


Ing. Vladimir Kovarik, CKAIT
Ing. Dan Mrkos, CSc., CKA, CKAIT
Ing. arch. Josef Palka, CKA


Jaroslav Vacha, CKAIT